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Is Your Child Tongue Tied?

If your child has (or has had) some of the following symptoms, he/she may be tongue tied. We are happy examine your child and provide you with treatment recommendations and resources:

Frustration with communication
Difficult to understand by parents
Difficult to understand by outsiders
% Percent of time you understand your child
Difficulty speaking fast
Difficulty getting words out (groping for words)
Trouble with sounds (which?)_____________
Speech Delay (when?)___________________
Speech harder to understand in long sentences
Speech therapy (how long?)______________
Mumbling or speaking softly
“Baby talk”

Painful nursing or shallow latch
Poor weight gain
Reflux or spitting up
Unable to hold a pacifier
Milk dribbling out of mouth
Poor supply
Nipple shield required for nursing
Clicking or smacking noise when eating

Frustration when eating
Difficulty transitioning to solid foods
Slow eater (doesn’t finish meals)
Grazes on food throughout the day
Packing food in cheeks like a chipmunk
Picky with textures (which?)__________
Choking or gagging on food
Spits out food

Sleeps in strange positions
Kicks and flails around at night
Wakes easily or often
Wets the bed
Wakes up tired and not refreshed
Grinds teeth while sleeping
Sleeps with mouth open
Snores while sleeping (how often?)________
Gasps for air or stops breathing (sleep apnea)

Neck or shoulder pain or tension
TMJ Pain, clicking, or popping
Headaches or migraines
Strong gag reflex
Mouth open/mouth breathing during the day
Tonsils or adenoids removed previously
Ear tubes previously
Reflux (medicated or not)

*List was referenced from Richard Baxter, DMD, MS, “Tongue Tied” (2018). Alabama Tongue-Tie Center.

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