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Dr. Jenny Ruoho is passionate about health and wellness. In 2010, before her first son was born, she learned that children in Minnesota are required to have 32 vaccine doses by the age of two, and 8 more doses by the age of 6. Before she made any decisions, she wanted to know: What were the vaccines for? Were they really safe? What were the risks of the diseases versus the risks of the vaccines? Were all the recommended vaccines necessary?

Since that time, she has spent countless hours on the CDC website doing research, read numerous books and watched several documentaries and debates on the subject. This further sparked her interest to learn about cancer causes, treatments and alternatives, which led to her interest in diet and food and water contaminants, as they affect overall health and disease risk.

Dr. Ruoho is careful with the health choices she makes for herself, her family, and her patients. She’s studied the effects of fluoride on oral health and the body, amalgam (silver/mercury) fillings, x-ray safety, root canal safety, toothpaste and mouthwash contaminants, and other controversial dental topics.

At Relaxation Dentistry, we realize that opinions vary greatly when it comes to controversial topics such as vaccine safety, alternative medicine, and homeopathy, as well as the safety of root canals and fluoride.

After spending nearly a decade exploring these subjects, Dr. Ruoho continues to remain open-minded. She has found the information on most controversial topics to be wildly conflicting, vast, and complicated. She continues to dedicate several hours per month to her on-going study of health and wellness topics.

If you are interested in natural alternatives to improve oral health, we can certainly give recommendations, or if you need help improving overall health in order to improve oral health, we can be a resource.

Many of our patients refuse x-rays or fluoride or inquire about whether they should have their amalgam fillings removed. We can certainly discuss the pros and cons with you and will respect your decisions.

Dr. Ruoho is careful with the health choices she makes for herself, her family, and her patients.

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