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An Egg-cellent Experiment

For Children’s Dental Health Month, we conducted a 14-day “egg experiment” at Relaxation Dentistry. Typically I would conduct the experiment in a grade school classroom so children can see how various beverages affect their teeth enamel. In this experiment, the egg shell represents tooth enamel. This year I decided to conduct the experiment in the office so our patients could see the results. We used 8 eggs and chose the following beverages: Monster, Lemonade, Coca Cola, Fanta, Gatorade, Coffee, Red Bull and Mountain Dew. The pictures represented here were taken after soaking the eggs for 14 days. We were surprised by the following results:



Coca Cola, Mountain Dew, and Fanta didn’t seem to
affect the egg at all even though these beverages are
more acidic than Monster or Red Bull.






The Coca Cola egg was more darkly
stained than the Black Coffee egg.








Just use Fanta if you want to color your Easter eggs this year!
You might want to avoid Fanta unless you like the look of orange teeth.





I’d also recommend avoiding Monster, Red Bull, Gatorade, and Lemonade if you want to prevent cavities.






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